Fabulous Find:- Radley Handbag Cake

Radley Handbag Cake made by missnightmares.blogspot.co.uk

I just had to post a photo of this fantastic Radley Handbag Cake that I just found on the net. It was made by the blogger Miss Nightmare and I absolutely love it!! You can read about it here.

The cake is based on the 'Aruba' design of the radley handbag and it is a very good replica. I should know as I have the exact same leather Radley handbag as it was bought for me as a gift. Thus the reason I was googling 'Radley Aruba' and found this picture of the cake. :o)

Pop by and follow Miss Nightmare on her blog - http://missnightmares.blogspot.co.uk

Photo of the Aruba Radley Handbag. Courtesy of leathergoods-online.com


Fabulous Floral Find:- Frilly Floral 'Betty' Aprons by Ragged Rose

frilly apron
Betty Apron in Lime by Ragged Rose
Now this frilly floral apron is absolutely beautiful. I found it a few weeks ago when I was working on the Sewing-Online Facebook page. It is made by a lovely lady called Dawn Rose from 'Ragged Rose'. I shared the photo with all the Sewing-Online followers but I forgot to share it on my own page with all of you. Sorry about that!

I love the vibrant pinky red rose print set against the lime green background. The Betty Apron in Lime just screams 'Summer'.  I really don't think there is any way you could not smile if you are wearing this apron. Even if you are doing the washing up I bet you'd still end up smiling when you looked down at your frilly floral pinny. :o)

It is not only available in that luscious lime colour but also in these other 2 colourways.

frilly apron
Betty Apron in Black by Ragged Rose
frilly apron
Betty Apron in White by Ragged Rose

The apron style is called 'Betty' and the floral design is the Ragged Rose signature print. You can buy these aprons for £20 each. These would make an ideal birthday gift for anyone who loves to cook or who aspires to be a domestic goddess.

I will be featuring more of Dawn's products in future 'Fabulous Find' posts so please check back again soon.

You can visit 'Ragged Rose' - the home of these fabulous shabby chic aprons by clicking here.

* All photos are courtesy of Ragged Rose.

(Please note this is not a review nor a sponsored post. It is just a product I have found on my 'floral' travels of the world wide web.) 

Apologies for not updating the blog sooner...

Hi everyone.

I can't believe it has been 2 months since I last wrote on this blog.My only excuse is that I have been so busy with family life and work that I haven't found the time to sit down and blog...even though I've wanted to on many occasions.

Even though I've not been blogging I have still been scouring the net for 'Fabulous Finds' to bring to you. I am going to publish a few posts in a minute that will contain links to the most gorgeous things. One post will feature floral fabrics and another will have some very special aprons.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

Best wishes,


Fabulous Floral Find:- 'Vintage Blossoms' Silver Heart Locket

Photo of 'Vintage Blossoms' Silver Heart Locket is courtesy of Bluefinch Boutique


Just look at this beautiful floral necklace. I don't really wear much jewellery nowadays but I could definitely be persuaded to change that if someone bought me this little gem. This fabulous find is called 'Vintage Blossoms' and it is a silver heart locket from Bluefinch Boutique.
It is £7.95 for the necklace and an additional £1.95 for delivery within the UK.
The locket is matte silver with a delicate floral design on the front. Once you open the locket it reveals two mini heart shaped picture frames for you to put a photo of your loved one in.
The necklace has a lobster clasp fastener and an extension chain so that you can change the length from 30'(76cm) to 32.5'(83cm). The pendant measures 4.5cm x 4cm.

Jenny at Bluefinch Boutique has lots of gorgeous items for sale so I recommend you pop by the site and take a look. :o)

(Please note this is not a review nor a sponsored post. It is just a product I have found on my 'floral' travels of the world wide web.) 


Fabulous Polka Dot Find:- Polka Dot Ceramic Cake Stand

Photo of Polka Dot Ceramic Cake Stand courtesy of My Shabby Chic

I've just visited the website www.myshabbychic.co.uk for the first time and I am just amazed at how many beautiful things they have in their online shop.  Whilst I was browsing I found today's fabulous find which is this polka dot ceramic cake stand.

The cake stand consists of a bottom plate with a diameter of 28cm and a top plate with a 20cm diameter. As the cake stand has been hand painted each one will be unique and this will definitely add to it's charm.

There is a carrying handle so that you can delicately place the cake filled stand down onto the table at your tea party. I can just see this cake stand piled high with French Fancies, Viennese Whirls and Jam Tarts. I think you can tell I'm a fan of Mr.Kipling. :o)

All that talk of cake is making me hungry!

You can buy this vintage styled tea party essential for £21.99 by clicking here.

I think you will see quite a few of my future fabulous finds coming from the My Shabby Chic online shop as there are so many lovely things to see.

(Please note this is not a review nor a sponsored post. It is just a product I have found on my 'polka dot' travels of the world wide web.) 


Fabulous Polka Dot Find:- Retro Spot Insulated Picnic Bag

Photo of Retro Spot Picnic Bag courtesy of birdyhome

Here's a really spotty fabulous find for today. It's a retro spot picnic bag from the birdyhome store on Not On The High Street.com.

The insulated picnic bag is made from recycled materials and costs £11.50 with £2.45 P+P within the UK. There is a top zip so you can unzip it and load it up with all your yummy picnic fare.

It has two woven nylon carrying handles and there is also a adjustable shoulder strap.

The measurements are: width 20cm x  length 30cm x height 30cm and the bag can be folded flat for storage.

Birdyhome wrap all of their items in turquoise tissue paper, tie it up with candy stripe twine and finish it off with a gift card and birdy sticker. It's lovely to hear they go to all the effort of making each parcel so special.

If you're not into the all-over polka dot kind of style then don't worry as this bag is also available in a french blue paisley or rose pink paisley design.

You can visit the birdyhome store here.

(Please note this is not a review nor a sponsored post. It is just a product I have found on my 'polka dot' travels of the world wide web.) 


Fabulous Polka Dot Find:- Heart shaped chalkboard with polka dot trim

Photo courtesy of Pretty And Personalised Gift Boutique

Today's pretty polka dot find is this beautiful little chalkboard from Pretty And Personalised Gift Boutique. It is a heart shaped chalkboard with a pink or purple polka dot fabric trim.
There is a piece of chalk attached to the board with some matching polka dot ribbon and there are two little polka dot pegs at the bottom of the frame so you can add a photo or note, etc.

You can choose to have the decorative wooden tag personalised with your choice of engraved message. Some examples that Lisa (The founder of the company) gives are :-

'Mum's Kitchen'
'Alisha's Bedroom'
'My Notes'
'Don't Forget...'

There are no measurements given for the size of the chalkboard but I'm sure if you contact Lisa she will be able to tell you.

This adorable chalkboard costs £14.00 with free postage and packaging within the UK. 

It is the first time that  I have visited the site but I love all the beautiful things that are available. If you are looking for a gift for someone or a treat for yourself then this is the shop to visit....Pretty And Personalised Gift Boutique

(Please note this is not a review nor a sponsored post. It is just a product I have found on my 'polka dot' travels of the world wide web.)


Fabulous Floral Find:- Tilly Patchwork Duvet Cover Set

Photo courtesy of Linens Limited

Here is the first of many links to gorgeous shabby chic items.

This beautiful Duvet Cover Set is called Tilly and I love the red version (as shown in the above photo). It is available from Linens Limited. It is available in Single, Double, King and Super King sizes. It is also available to buy in a duck egg blue colourway. The Duvet Cover is made from 100% combed cotton with a 200 thread count. Very luxurious!

There are matching accessories available. There is a Patchwork Cushion Cover (35cm x 50cm), a Square Patchwork Cushion Cover (45cm x 45cm) and a Patchwork (Filled) Bolster Cushion. Looking at the photo you can see that they really add to the whole 'shabby chic' look of the bedroom set.

Here are the prices which are correct at the time of publishing:-

Single Duvet Cover Set -£24.95
Double Duvet Cover Set - £29.95
King Size Duvet Cover Set - £34.95
Super King Duvet Cover Set -£39.95
35cm x 50cm Patchwork Cushion Cover - £9.95
45cm x 45cm Patchwork Cushion Cover - £11.95
Patchwork (Filled) Bolster Cushion - £17.95

I am in love with the design of this duvet cover set. It is printed patchwork design of different floral fabrics and it has that all important all-over polka dot design on the reverse. It looks like it is just my cup of tea. This item is now definitely on my wish list as it very much reminds me of the Cath Kidston prints which I adore very much.

(Please note this is not a review nor a sponsored post. It is just a product I have found on my 'floral' travels of the world wide web.)


The important 1st post....

Hi everybody.

Welcome to my brand new blog. 

My name is Kim and I am a huge fan of polka dots and floral prints. There's no point in keeping it a secret... my life is just full of all things dotty! Hence why I decided to call my new company 'Polkadotii Designs'.  I love to sew and you will always find me adding more and more fabric to my stash.  My favourite things to make are bunting, clothes for my young daughter and handbags.

You may have already seen some of my writing on the web as I not only write my other personal blog www.shabbychicsewing.blogspot.com but I alm also self-employed as a freelance social media manager for www.sewing-online.com. I write blog content for them on a weekly basis and I maintain their social media accounts. It's all fun and it gives me an excuse to write, write, write about my favourite topics... Shabby Chic Style and Sewing.

I am still in the process of establishing my new sewing business selling handsewn items so it may be a while until I can list any links to my items for sale. However in the meantime I am going to start posting weekly links to 'Polka Dot' or 'Floral' products that I have found on the net. I am forever scouring the web for new pieces of shabby chic eye candy and in my 'Fabulous Find' posts I will give you the links to the gorgeous items I've found.

Have a lovely weekend and I look forward to chatting with you soon.

Best wishes,