Fabulous Floral Find:- Frilly Floral 'Betty' Aprons by Ragged Rose

frilly apron
Betty Apron in Lime by Ragged Rose
Now this frilly floral apron is absolutely beautiful. I found it a few weeks ago when I was working on the Sewing-Online Facebook page. It is made by a lovely lady called Dawn Rose from 'Ragged Rose'. I shared the photo with all the Sewing-Online followers but I forgot to share it on my own page with all of you. Sorry about that!

I love the vibrant pinky red rose print set against the lime green background. The Betty Apron in Lime just screams 'Summer'.  I really don't think there is any way you could not smile if you are wearing this apron. Even if you are doing the washing up I bet you'd still end up smiling when you looked down at your frilly floral pinny. :o)

It is not only available in that luscious lime colour but also in these other 2 colourways.

frilly apron
Betty Apron in Black by Ragged Rose
frilly apron
Betty Apron in White by Ragged Rose

The apron style is called 'Betty' and the floral design is the Ragged Rose signature print. You can buy these aprons for £20 each. These would make an ideal birthday gift for anyone who loves to cook or who aspires to be a domestic goddess.

I will be featuring more of Dawn's products in future 'Fabulous Find' posts so please check back again soon.

You can visit 'Ragged Rose' - the home of these fabulous shabby chic aprons by clicking here.

* All photos are courtesy of Ragged Rose.

(Please note this is not a review nor a sponsored post. It is just a product I have found on my 'floral' travels of the world wide web.) 

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