Fabulous Find:- Radley Handbag Cake

Radley Handbag Cake made by missnightmares.blogspot.co.uk

I just had to post a photo of this fantastic Radley Handbag Cake that I just found on the net. It was made by the blogger Miss Nightmare and I absolutely love it!! You can read about it here.

The cake is based on the 'Aruba' design of the radley handbag and it is a very good replica. I should know as I have the exact same leather Radley handbag as it was bought for me as a gift. Thus the reason I was googling 'Radley Aruba' and found this picture of the cake. :o)

Pop by and follow Miss Nightmare on her blog - http://missnightmares.blogspot.co.uk

Photo of the Aruba Radley Handbag. Courtesy of leathergoods-online.com