About Me

P - Polka dots are my favourite surface pattern design....along with anything in a vintage floral style.
O -Obviously you had already guessed I love Polka Dots because of the background on this blog. :o)
L - Lemon Drizzle Cake is one of my indulgences.
K - Kim is my name, Sewing is my game. :o)
A - A dream of mine would be to have my own high street shop selling my hand sewn items.
D - During the day you will always find me planning my next sewing project.
O - One New Year's Resolution I have every year is to be more organised.I never manage it though.
T - The 1950's style is one that I really aspire to. I love all the full skirts and retro spots.
I - I love Chocolate...but then again...Don't we all?!
I - I am very much a family person and always speak to my mum on the phone every day.

D - Desperate Housewives, Coronation Street and Eastenders are my favourite TV programmes.
E - Every day I will try and provide you, my followers, with a link to a new 'Fabulous Find'.
S - Sewing is my favourite hobby but I also like baking cakes with my daughter.
I - If I could live in a polka dot house and drive a floral car ... my life would be complete!
G - Girly pinks and Vibrant Reds are my favourite colours.
N - Nothing is going to stop me trying to spread the charm of the 'polka dot'.
S - Simple things make me happy. Like the sound of rain drops on the roof of a caravan.

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