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  1. very cool. I LOVE the bunting - how did you do it?

    1. Thanks. :o) I just cut a triangle shape out of cardboard and then use cardboard shape as a template to cut out triangles from my chosen fabric. You then buy some bias tape (or make your own like I did, using something like this... You then put two triangles back to back with right sides facing out and sew along the two long edges with a straight stitch. Once you have done this you can then use pinking shears on these two edges to give a nice effect, you don't have to do this though. You then take your bunting tape / bias binding or ribbon and fold it in half widthways so that you can then lay the top edge of each triangle inside the fold and then you pin each flag in place sandwiched between the binding tape. The last job to then do is stitch along the bottom edge of the binding tape which will then secure your bunting flags in place. I hope this helps. :-) I'm not very good at describing things all that well.


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